Episode 14- 1 Nephi Chapter 8-9 - Drunk Book of Mormon Stories

December 18, 2016

Holy shit and god bless The Dude. This podcast was about the White Tree of Life who Lehi found because of a white dude in a white robe. Racist? You be the judge , jury, and executioner. This episode of Drunk Mormon Missionary podcast brought to you by the number 3 and it came to pass. Enjoy!


Episode 13- 1 Nephi Chapter 5-7 - Drunk Book of Mormon Stories

December 4, 2016

I recorded my podcast in downtown Salt Lake City in the belly of the beast near Temple Square. I continue with 1 Nephi and how Nephi returns to his family in the RV near the Red Square after he murders some dude for brass plates. This episode was recorded live from a tub. Enjoy!