Episode 17- 1 Nephi Chapter 17- 22- Drunk Book of Mormon Stories

March 26, 2017

Tonight we finish will 1 Nephi. Holy shit this is truely an accomplishment. I really didn't think we would get this far. But we did. Nephi builds a fucking boat and they finally get to America. Way to go Nephi! Nephi FTW!

This episode brought to you by the new Utah BAC law of .05%. Please don't drink mouth wash and drive.


Episode 16- 1 Nephi Chapter 13- 16- Drunk Book of Mormon Stories

March 19, 2017

Holy shit. These are getting hard to do for so many reasons that I would rather not get into. But here we go. Episode 16. Nephi is having his fucking acid trip with Angel Fire balls while in a desert. If this isn't a Burning Man story, I don't know what is. A church of whores, visions in the desert, and eating meat. 

By the way. Want to hear some awesome modern folk? Look up Dan Bern,


Thanks to Carrie in Rhode Island for the introduction.